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Wedding Day tips: Golden Hour


As a wedding photographer few things make me do a happy dance (seriously, you should see my moves!) more than when I'm shooting my couples during golden hour-- that magical time in the day before sunset when everything glows with a warmth that makes my heart happy. The trouble is on a wedding day golden hour usually happens once the portrait part of the timeline is done and the reception is well underway. This is why I always schedule in a few minutes for my bride and groom to sneak away to capture that lovely light. Not only will you have stunning photos, but it's also the perfect opportunity to breath and take in the moment. As everyone will tell you , your wedding day will go by in a flash and I sincerely believe it's important to schedule in one-on-one time with your new husband or wife because otherwise the flurry of events can leave you apart, mingling with guests and perhaps a little overwhelmed. So, remember to take breaks to "just be" with your partner and soak it all up!