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What To Wear For Engagement Photos: A Photographer's Tips


Now that you’ve picked a date and found your wedding photographer it’s time to celebrate and get ready for the fun! I’ve already explained why an engagement session is a must, but now it’s time to answer the number one question I receive while scheduling a session: “What should I wear for my photos?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

It can always be a little intimidating to get your photo taken. Even if it’s a quick selfie with your friends you want to look and feel your best! So, of course when it comes to having professional photos taken it might feel a little overwhelming to figure out what to wear and how to style yourself.

That’s why I’ve complied a few tips and tricks to help you narrow down your outfit choices so you are sure to be picture perfect.

7 Tips for What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

1. Dress It Up


It’s not everyday you have your photos professionally taken with your fiancé, so why not go ahead and get fancy? Think cocktail dress with flowing chiffon fabric and heels paired with a masculine shirt and suit jacket. Something more formal will achieve a timeless look and allows for endless posing options. There really is no such thing as too dressy, in my opinion.

Pro Tip: Heels are always a wonderful way to visually lengthen your legs (hello.. who doesn’t want longer legs?!) and they keep your posture on point! But I love advising my brides to pack a pair of flats to slip on in between photos. Depending on your locations it might be tricky to navigate in heels, so having some flats to throw on will keep you and your feet happy.

2. Color is Everything

When selecting your outfits you want to take a lot of consideration into the colors of your fabrics. It might be tempting to go with something really vibrant, but these more bold colors can cast or reflect onto your face, giving your skin a neon glow. Instead, I suggest going with versions of those bold primary colors. Try baby blue instead of royal blue or lavender instead of purple. Rather than selecting something black I recommend going with a navy or charcoal and instead of stark white consider an ivory or champagne. 

It’s true what they say— neutrals are everything! They compliment all skin and hair colors and photograph beautifully! Consider mixing blush, gray, ivory, or navy and have fun pairing them with the muted hues we discussed above.


3. Accessorize

Don’t shy away from fun accessories such as a chunky necklace, stylish scarf, or fun sunglasses. They add that little extra something that will make your photos stand out. Plus they are easy things to slip on to add some variety to your outfit! I suggest incorporating at least one accessory for the ladies and adding layers of clothing for the guys. Layers always look great in photos and add a lot of visual interest and texture to your images.


4. Go Classic Rather Than Trendy

I would advise that you avoid outfits that are super trendy. You might love them in the moment, but looking back even a year or two later you could regret your choice. I suggest keeping it classic and timeless so your photos feel relevant even when you’re sharing them with future generations. You don’t want your outfit to distract from what really matters— your relationship!


5. Don’t Match

I’m sure you never go out for drinks or a stroll around your favorite neighborhood matching your fiancé, so why start now? Sometimes people fall victim to wanting to match every color and texture and it just ends up looking forced. Instead chose outfits that compliment each other. If you are wearing a whimsically patterned dress then consider a solid color that is complimentary to the pattern for your fiancé. 

6. Choose Outfits That You Feel GREAT In


This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s probably the most important tip! You know how you have that one outfit in your closet that when you put it on you feel like a movie star all day long? That’s your goal for selecting your outfit for photos. You want to choose pieces that you feel completely comfortable and confident in! Whatever you end up in just make sure it’s something that makes you feel awesome because this is guaranteed to translate in your images. 

Pro Tip: Pamper yourself! As I explained in my previous post about why an engagement session is a must, I think this is the perfect time to schedule your makeup trial for your wedding day! This will give you the opportunity to see how your makeup looks in person as well as how it photographs. Why not head to the blow-out-bar for you hair and get your nails done with your girlfriends ahead of time? (Obviously, this is not necessary, but if you're anything like me and eager to take full advantage of an opportunity to indulge in a little pampering then I say go for it!) 


7. Stick With 2 Outfits

I suggest sticking with two outfits for your engagement session. Oftentimes couples will choose one outfit that’s a little more casual and one that’s dressier. Having two options will add some great variety to your final image gallery. I recommend beginning with the dressy outfit first. 

Pro Tip: Clean your ring! I love snagging some ring photos while you are changing into your second outfit and the cleaner your ring is the more it will sparkle for those close up details! 


I hope these 7 tips are helpful when making selections for your photo session wardrobe! I’m always eager to answer any questions you have, so never hesitate to ask! :)

Tessa Berg