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Sara Gabriel: Columbus Wedding Vendor Spotlight


This one is for all those brides out there still searching for the PERFECT veil and accessories to finish off their bridal look! Denver based Sara Gabriel creates wedding accessory masterpieces that truly take your breath away! And the best part? There is a Sara Gabriel trunk show taking place at La Jeune Mariee this month and Sara herself will be attending the event to make all of your dreams come true!


You aren’t going to want to miss the chance to get to know Sara— she is an incredibly talented woman who not only creates the most gorgeous veils and bridal accessories, but also is such a genuinely kind and sweet person. I had the privilege of photographing her last year when she was styling Columbus brides at La Jeune Mariee and it was such a joy watching her work.

Sara takes a few minutes to talk with each bride to get a sense of her personal style and hear her story. It is fascinating to see Sara’s ability to take one look at a bride and then select the veil she knows will best compliment (and not overpower) the dress and woman wearing it. She is so great at listening to each client and truly hearing what they want. I especially love seeing her draw up custom designs when needed.

This is truly such a wonderful opportunity to be styled by the designer herself and enjoy some champagne in the process! The entire process is so much fun!

I’m so grateful that Sara took some time to answer all of my questions and I’m thrilled to share them with you now! Enjoy getting to know her better and then click on over to schedule an appointment to meet with her!

How did you get started in this business?

The official story (the one I'll tell if I'm pressed for time) is that I launched Sara Gabriel, my namesake company, in July of 2000 in my tiny Denver apartment. But if you have the time I'll tell you the real story. My company started when I was 5 years old sitting by my mother who was teaching me to use her sewing machine. And traveling around the country in my dad’s VW camper bus when I was eleven cross-stitching glittering mermaids to pass the time. And in high school when I started obsessing over everything that sparkled or was even tangentially related to weddings. Like all true loves, mine feels like it has been with me my entire life, and I can honestly say that getting to wake up every day and make women feel beautiful is deeply fulfilling and an unbelievable dream come true.

What keeps you coming back day after day?

As cheesy as it sounds, EVERYTHING. Owning a business is so much more than I ever thought it could be -- every day brings a new opportunity to make something more efficient, more beautiful, more accessible, or more amazing for both my brides and my makers. I love challenges and puzzles, and being able to bring together all elements of business with the ultimate goal of helping brides sparkle and shine in their own way is truly what gets me out of bed in the morning.


How would you describe your style in business/ relationships with your clients?

The brides I have designed for directly over the years are my biggest inspiration. My business was initially a bespoke service for brides (that was before the advent of Etsy!) and I just loved sitting down with a bride and trying to understand her vision and create something that was perfect for her personality, her gown, and her venue. Even though my company has grown exponentially, I still get to work with brides directly at all of the trunk shows I do. The relationships I have built with brides over the years, and the brides I currently meet at my trunk shows drive the way I do business. It's so important to me to not have large lead time, keep things simple and fast for our retailers and for our direct brides.

If you thought choosing your dress was fun, just wait until you start accessorizing! Oh my gosh, it's even better! Putting your dress on again? Yes, please! Trying on oodles of sparkly things? Um, YES! A consultant or myself to help style your wedding day look? OMG! Seeing everything come together is one of the most special (and fun!) moments for a bride and I LOVE that I get to be a part of it! Psst...most boutiques also offer discounts during the show, making this good thing even better.
-xo Sara

Where do you do your best work?

In the SG studio with the SG team. <3

How would you describe clients who are a great fit for you?

Brides who know who they are, what they want, and aren't afraid to break the "rules" of traditional weddings to flaunt their personality!

What is the one thing you'd like a prospective bride to know about you?

I want you to feel like YOU on your wedding day. Wedding dresses are amazing, but making it your own style with accessories is truly the best part.

What are the advantages for brides who attend trunk shows?

We've built the most amazing relationships with our boutique owners and their stylists, so even though we design a lot of custom pieces during trunk shows, our retailers can pretty much do anything we can. Other than that, CHAMPAGNE!

Personally, what is your favorite style of veil?

Big, long, and covered in sparkle and lace. I'm all about the vintage-glam!

What do you love to do when you're not working?

Family, family, family. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children. We love to cook together and go on awesome adventures together!

Tell me more about the accessories you offer other than veils!

We have amazing headpieces, sashes, fascinators, combs, pins, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Check out the ever-growing collection at !


La Jeune Mariee is such an amazing boutique and I always recommend it to my brides. However, if you didn’t purchase your dress there no worries at all! You are of course still welcome to come meet and be styled by Sara! You’ll just need to bring your dress with you.

Tessa Berg