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Traveling to Greece


It's officially been two months since my girls trip to Greece and I keep waiting for that yearning to go back to subside, but it's not looking too promising. So, in the meantime I figured I would share some of my travel photos to relive this incredible experience! I've also had many people ask about accessing these photos for print, so I'm happy to say you can click here to see the full gallery

My dear friend (and travel buddy!) Sara explained it best when she said, "For some people, when they travel it checks a box, but for you it opens the box." It's so true-- my desire to see more of this world is stronger than ever after coming home. Greece has always been on my bucket list, a place I would say I'll go "someday." As it turns out, all I needed was a pitcher of sangria and a great friend to share a night of dreaming and wondering "what if" and "why not." I know that sounds crazy (at least it does to me!), but honestly that's what started it all. We were dreaming in July and landing in Athens 3 months later.

Sara and I met while studying in Geneva, Switzerland 9 years ago and we instantly connected. We were both abroad with our then boyfriends, now husbands and loved traveling together on the weekends. We went parasailing together over Interlaken, got lost and stumbled into a nudest colony in Locarno, swam in Lake Geneva and stood up for each other in our weddings. We always planned to travel together again, but never made it a priority until now. And words can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that we did!

We spent 8 days, 5 flights, 12 buses, 2 ferries, 3 taxis, and 2 metros, and we only got a tiny glimpse of Greece. We started our trip with a quick stay in Athens and then spent the majority of our time on the islands of Naxos and Santorini. 

The entire trip was such a dream and I feel so fortunate to have experienced it with one of my closest friends! Sara is an incredible entrepreneur who founded 11Web, a digital marketing agency based in Michigan, and her talents for business strategy and website design never cease to amaze me.

I hope you enjoy the photos! Again, if you are interested in any of them please follow the link here!

Climbing to the Acropolis and walking through its' gates to see the Parthenon for the first time was simply breathtaking.

After our short stay in Athens we took a ferry to Naxos. It was love at first sight. A fellow traveler described it best when he said, "Naxos is like a cocoon that wraps you up and holds you tight." I felt so at home in this sweet port town.

The infamous Portara of Naxos is yet another marvel that keeps my mind reeling, envisioning what could have been. Around the year 530 B.C. war broke out and the temple was never completed, but the pillars still stand today. 

My Kelly Moore Pioneer bag was the perfect solution to carry all my gear for the trip! 

I can't imagine a better way to spend the day than cooking with Katerina and her Mama in their adorable pink kitchen and learning their favorite traditional meals. While our stuffed tomatoes and savory pie baked in the oven we walked around their village meeting family members, seeing their olive grove, and learning about their beautiful island life. Once lunch was done we sat around their dining table eating, sharing stories and toasting with Kitron. "Yamas!" The Vioma cooking class was a huge highlight of our trip!


We then took a ferry to Santorini where we spent three days hiking, searching for the best gyro, eating way too much gelato, and of course enjoying the world famous sunset!


Thanks so much for stopping by! If you would like access to any of these images for print please click here! Also, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have if your planning a trip to Greece!